In the year 1985, an 18-year old Mr Leong Yun Fah traveled from the small town of Tenom to Kota Kinabalu to begin his career as an employee in the logistics and transportation industry. His hard work and dedication brought him far, and when the opportunity to obtain a rice wholesale license and start his own company presented itself to him, he grabbed it, and thus marked the beginning of his namesake company, Leong Yun Fah Sdn Bhd.

Mainly managed by the Leong family, Leong Yun Fah Sdn Bhd started off as a BERNAS-licensed rice wholesaler based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Our business further expanded to logistics and transportation all over Sabah in 2001, and since then, our fleet of lorries have continued to grow into the 40-strong fleet that it is today.

In 1999 in conjunction with acquiring our own factory, we’ve expanded our services to include rice and food processing and packaging. Our product range comprises various non-wheat flours, noodles, and canned food products that are both locally sourced and also imported. We provide these supplies to more than 50 major supermarkets, grocery and sundry shops throughout Sabah.


Our founder, the late Mr Leong Yun Fah was of Hakka descent, and hence he founded the company on solid Hakka virtues, and these virtues continue to inspire our work moving forward. 


Good things come to those who work hard, which is another way of saying that as long as we put in effort, we will definitely reap the rewards. Therefore at Leong Yun Fah we are always on the grind, working hard to improve our efficiency and effectiveness, all in order to propel ourselves to greater heights. 


Managing limited resources for maximum output has always been a priority for us, which informs the way we do things at Leong Yun Fah. Our operations are constantly evaluated to make improvements so that our work can ultimately be more streamlined and efficient. 

Family & Community

At Leong Yun Fah, we run our business with family in mind. That is why we aim to create a sense of belonging and togetherness with all our team members and treat them like family, because we believe that a united team is more able to achieve greatness together. 


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